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Selling Your Car To Us

At Sell My Car Leeds, we offer a fair price based on the current market value of your car. Not only do we offer a fair price, we will also offer to visit and inspect your car.

Upon acceptance of our quick quote and the decision to sell your car to us, we will transfer the agreed price into your nominated bank account (free of charge). The amount we offer is the exact amount you will receive with no hidden charges or fees. Once the money has cleared,  we will arrange for the car to be collected.
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How we can pay you more

Sell My Car Leeds has a large network of car buyers throughout the UK so unlike most car buying services we won’t need to send your vehicle to the auction. this means no logistic / motor transfer costs and no auction fees required to car dealers.

As a result from considering all of the typical costs that go into trade purchases of vehicles, this will help ensure you get a better price for your car and a much faster, simpler service when it comes to selling your car.
Our Process
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